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Mark Westerburg

Mark Westerburg, 8 days ago

So far WUSD has only received responses representing 370 of approximately 1500 students in the district. In order for us to get a clearer picture of your wishes, we must h ...

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Maria De Los Munguia

Maria De Los Munguia, 12 days ago

Hello BGMS Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,
This is the last week of the trimester. ELA and Math classes will be involved in end of the trimester testing this week. ...

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Mark Westerburg

Mark Westerburg, 15 days ago

WUSD has developed a draft plan with input from administration and teachers on how to reopen schools safely. I expect that this plan will have changes to it as time, data ...

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Mark Westerburg

Mark Westerburg, 16 days ago

Thank you to Stan Cooley for taking his Veterans Day to come down to the track and level it out before the rains and fixing the road to the Ag. Farm.

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