Student-Centered Education

  • In order to ensure our students meet their fullest potential, we provide a rigorous, standards-based, differentiated curriculum, with opportunities for every student to be successful and engaged.
  • All students will graduate and be prepared for success in work, advanced training or study, and to become positive community members.
  • Ongoing assessment of student learning will guide our instructional practice.
  • We employ technology to enhance learning, teaching, communication, operations, and administrative support.
  • We focus our district resources on the needs of students.
  • We expose students to a variety of opportunities for exploration in learning.

Safe and Healthy School Environments

  • We model good citizenship, ethical behavior and sensitivity to others.
  • We personalize learning experiences for students and provide support for social, emotional and physical needs.
  • We establish behavior guidelines that promote mutual respect and personal responsibility.
  • We provide safe, clean and well-maintained facilities designed to best serve the instructional program.
  • We continue to create safe campuses.
  • We offer healthy food choices.
  • We encourage participation in extra-curricular activities and community projects.
  • We will offer a K-12 Physical Education program for students so that they learn healthy exercise habits and sportsmanship.

Reflective Learning Community

  • We work in collaborative teams that use problem solving strategies and remain focused on increasing student achievement.
  • All staff, students, parents and the community members are accountable for student growth and success.
  • We are committed to continuous, effective professional development for staff and trustees.
  • We regularly celebrate and recognize accomplishments.

Valuing Students, Staff and Partners

  • Our success depends on the diverse backgrounds, knowledge, skills, creativity and motivation of our staff, students, parents and community members.
  • Diversity is an asset that strengthens and enriches our learning community.
  • We engage parents and community members as mentors, tutors, and volunteers in our schools and at home.
  • Shared decision making is valued with active participation from all stakeholders.

Visionary and Collaborative Leadership

  • Leaders set direction and maintain a focus on students and positive learning climates, clear and visible values, and high expectations.
  • Leaders inspire and motivate teams, involve the community, collaborate, and form key relationships.
  • We support and encourage teacher leadership.